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Since 2003, I have been actively involved in producing and publishing multiple video formats of creative video content on various websites and social media platforms. Many “non-traditional” productions and plenty of passion projects in my portfolio where I was responsible for most, if not all stages involved, to deliver on schedule. I’m excellent behind the lens and absolutely thrive during post-production. Let’s fix it in pre!

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personal videos 

A fun PSA for the Twitch stream in 2022 using footage, clips, animations, and other assets I worked on between 2017-2021 for Doug It, aka DoubleDOUGS or DOUGS.

A short 1 minute collection of content I have created, recorded, animated, and produced between 2005–2017. Working on many types of projects like short films, PSAs, web series, commercials, documentaries, music videos, live events, concerts, weddings, ceremonies, live streams, stream channel assets, and lots of other creative videos. 


scripted videos

Think you have what it takes to be an Extreme Wilderness Professional? Then get ready for fun and adventure and watch this recruitment PSA video produced in 2015.


professional video projects 

This video includes all nine animated pixel art intros with footage of Portland, Oregon from the Permanent Comedy web series we co-produced, recorded, edited, and animated in 2014.

An exclusive peek inside our hero Dave Drusky's subconscious while he listens to the song "Late Night Bikes" from Capybara released in 2012.



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