Other Art from DUSTWEST

Over the years, I have created and published print and other digital media for various projects. I’ve worked on many DVD/CD menus and album artwork, banners, posters, flyers, infographics, training guides, animated GIFs, stop motion, streamer channel emotes/assets, graphic overlays, web designs, apparel designs, holiday cards, and many other oddities. 

Text Logo for DUSTWEST


 graphics and design

An Illustration of Paul's Automotive in SE Portland, Oregon
Vector Art of Smash Bandits Ska/Punk Band
Smash Bandits Ska/Punk Band Web Design
Soda Vice Music / Paris In Stereo 8-Bit Pixel Graphics
Soda Vice Music / Paris In Stereo Web Design
Cascadia Film Festival Graphic
Brightside Cannabis Text
Keeper of the Stars Hand Reaching out of a Suit Art
Randy Frank Percussion Artist Graphic
Four Rest Films Business Card
Four Rest Films Web Design
Four Rest Films Apparel Hat
Extreme Wilderess Pro Logo by Four Rest Films
Wolf Wise Media Logo
The Sage Sanctuary Logo
STUFF PDX, High Tech Junk Store Logo
STUFF PDX Web Design
Remembering America's Heroes Logo
Remembering America's Heroes Web Design
Looking Back with Ken Buckles Web Series Cover
No Risk Comedy Web Design
Lonnie Bruhn "Truth Hurts" DVD Menu Design
Permanent Comedy with Todd Armstrong Season 1 DVD Design
Permanent Comedy with Todd Armstrong Web Design
Todd Armstrong Comedian Website Design
Blazed Trail Productions Website Design
DoubleDOUGS Parody Logo
DoubleDOUGS Web Design
Zer0iced Logo
Bourbon Weather and a barrel full of kittens
Never Not Angry TheAndySocialNetwork Stream Animation
Jbarhomie Stream Started Graphic
Galactix Starting Stream Graphic
Men At Nite BRB Screen Graphic
Asathus Will Be Back Screen Graphic
Play All The Nintendo Logo
Bassettee So Soaked
So Soaked Band Sagewood and Bassettee
So Soaked Sagewood Cassettee Tape Album Artwork Design


banners, posters, and flyers 

"Hi Jack" movie poster from Four Rest Films
"An Auto Body Experience" movie poster by Four Rest Films
"A Bubber Adventure" movie poster by Four Rest Films
"Classy" movie poster by Four Rest Films
"ShoJoe" movie poster by Four Rest Films
"In The Dark Of Night" movie poster by Four Rest Films
Be A Winner Poster for Doug It with DOUGS
DoubleDOUGS Awareness: Let's Talk infograpic about DOUGS and Doug It with DOUGS
Floating Heads: DoubleDOUGS Can Do It Magazine Cover Doug It with DOUGS
TPTB Exclusive Magazine Cover Doug It with DOUGS
Cryptozooruous Magazine Cover Doug It with DOUGS
Toad Shit Fifty-Nine Magazine Cover - Punk Band
Kenny Roand and the High Flyers Concert Poster
Todd Armstrong Honest Comedy Event Flyer
Dusty V. & Kablami Live Concert Poster
Permanent Comedy with Todd Armstrong Season 1 Web Series Poster



DUSTWEST Photgrapher taking a photo in a mirror
Erickson Family Farm
A man wearing bunny ears flipping off the camera
A stump out in Timber Camp
Whisper Wu Dog walking on the beach
Building in Portland
Brick wall at the art institute of Portland
Bird flying on top of Mt. Hood
Mt. Hood Peak
Portland Oregon neon street sign
East Side of Portland, Oregon
West Side of Portland, Oregon at night
The Willamette River in Portland, Oregon at dusk
Light beacon on top of a hill
Radio Tower and Antennas
Longbeach, Washington Beach House at Night
Long Beach, Washington Beach House at Night
Starry Night in the Pacific Northwest
DUSTWEST holding up a peace sign

creative technician




DUSTWEST Zombies Ate My Neighbors Animated GIF

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