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Since 2000, I have been writing, recording, producing, releasing, and performing music with a DIY approach. Making music has always been one of my favorite things to do. Everything from little ditty jingles recorded on a voice memo to singles and full length albums. I am truly lucky to have collaborated on quite a few albums with some really talented folks. Reach out if you’re interested in using my music for commercial/personal use, or if you ever want to work on a collab together!



solo albums    

JAWORMOUS Potato Couch

Providing you with six medium baked tracks mashed together under 110 BPM. 



30 Tunes From September

 A 30-Day songwriting challenge with a new song, tune, or ditty created during September in 2015.


White Phantom Lakes

The first solo EP from Dustin as DUSTWEST.


A collection of DoubleDOUGS/Doug It With DOUGS Original Soundtrack. 

Boxed Mixes

A growing collection of beats and mixes that’ll probably never find a home on any official releases. 


A random album full of holiday, Christmas, x-mas, and other festive ideas for the season.

Demos (2011-2015) 

A random album full of ideas and simple patterns recorded between 2011-2015.


collaboration albums

Sagewood (Acoustic), So Soaked

This is an acoustic version of the Sagewood album and it works great around a campfire!



Sagewood, So Soaked

Sagewood is about adjusting focus on the pursuit of good efforts that helps release us from the past.


A.T.H. House Of Myths 

Retreat to a hidden location in the middle of nowhere with this Drum & Bass jam album.


Bassettee, So Soaked

This album is about a wicked bassettee who trusted the wasteland hype.


Under Our Influence (Covers)

The cover album was created out of enjoyment and admiration for the original musicians.


The Seek Wince

Outremer is an electronic blend of 80s synths and sounds that tells a story about a journey on the sea. 



Embargo the Humbug is a tribute to good roommates, good friends, and good families.

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Dusty V. And Kablami

On Our Neighborhill is an acoustic album that was drunkly recorded at night with the songs that were originally played during parties.

Repissed Collection, TOAD SHIT

This was a running joke band since the 2000s. The album is full of songs that originated from  an improvised live stream on Twitch.



music videos 

A live action lyrics video for “Concepts Subjective”. There’s some strange magic that brings a depth of layers featuring original cartoons, animations, puppets, goofy characters, and many other fun surprises. 

A lyrics music video for “Forgiving Living Ones” using a collection of clips from my family tapes recorded during the 1980s, 1990s, and a few from the 2000s.

A live action music video for “Hype”, featuring a very relaxed and subdued performance in a black and white comic art style.

A lyrics music video for “Bassettee” about a crime fighting mythical creature that lives in the deep blue sea known as the Bassettee. 

A collection of DOUGS clips from 2017-2019 that pairs with TOAD SHIT’s  cover of Bourbon Weather's song, "(I Said) DOUGS”.

A very, very short music video for “Fuck The Hammer”, a very, very short TOAD SHIT  song about a hammer and a jar of pickles.

A simple OH MY BROTHERS lyrics video for the off song, “Soapbox”, from the album Embargo The Humbug.

Live at The Thunder Dome back in 2010 playing drums on “Popinjay”, the OH MY BROTHERS Saturday Morning cartoon theme song.

A holiday classic from Dusty V. & Kablami featuring the king of the jingle bell jungle spreading Christmas cheer. Meeyowie!

The first music video I made for the song, “Good Morning”. Kablami is determined to sleep in, but Dusty V. feels obligated to wake him up for an epic jam around the apartment in Dundee 57.



creative technician

DUSTWEST holding up a peace sign


Dusty V. doing a wardrobe change from the "Good Morning" music video.

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